Tips For Your Dress Fitting

April 27, 2023

So you just booked your first wedding dress fitting, yay! We can’t wait to see you! This is going to be so exciting, but if you’re stressed that’s completely normal. We’re here to give you all the tips you need and make sure you’re prepared.

Here are all of our best tips for your dress fitting! Keep scrolling to learn!

What You Need to Bring

The most important things you need to bring are the shoes and undergarments you plan on wearing on your wedding day. These will affect the way the dress looks and feels. Is so important to have these with you so you can accurately feel what the dress will feel like and see what it will look like on your body.

Optionally, you can bring the accessories you plan on wearing. Bring anything you want to help you see the final look, like earrings, necklaces, a veil, some brides even bring a bouquet!

Who You Need to Bring

This is where our opinion differs from most other bridal shops. We recommend bringing a very small group, or even coming alone. The reason is that this is such an intimate moment. Choosing your wedding dress is a very vulnerable moment where you will be pointing out imperfections and making decisions based on how you feel. In our opinion, having anyone there that won’t fully back up whatever decision you are making isn’t worth it. Oftentimes, brides can get overwhelmed with all the opinions and it affects their final decision.

Choosing your wedding dress should not be a stressful decision! It should be a joyful moment, not interrupted by anyone else’s feelings. If it is really important to have your friends and family be a part of this process, we recommend bringing them to your final pick-up. That way they can see the finished look and everyone can admire your decision.

More tips!

Those are the most important, but here are some extra tips that will just make the whole process more enjoyable.

-Book 4-6 weeks in advance your event. Having enough time will make the process less stressful for everyone involved, especially you!

-Don’t be afraid to ask questions! There are a lot of bridal terms that are not a part of everyday language. I have been in the bridal world for a long time, so if I say a word you don’t understand, just ask.

I hope these Tips for your Dress Fitting eased your mind a bit and made you feel more excited for your big appointment. If you haven’t booked your appointment yet, click here and let’s get you on the schedule. For more tips like these, click here!

Kind Words

“Lily did such a wonderful job on my bridesmaid dress! Her shop was damaged in the hurricane, so she came and picked the dress up and hand delivered it when it was done. She got the alterations done in a week and the dress fits perfectly. She is so sweet and made me feel totally comfortable. I will be going back and will be telling all my local friends about her. Definitely go here for any of your alteration needs!”

– Jennifer L

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